Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response

See how our company is putting together the efforts to make your shopping experiences contact free and cost effective.

Since the dawn of online shopping people have enjoyed the ease of making purchases at home on their smart phones, computers; and receiving their goods with the ring of a door bell. This is great considering that there are commutes to your local department stores that maybe on the other side of town. That equates to gas money and a potential tedious drive or ride. Some may even enjoy their time shopping at the department stores or grocery, yet with the onset of the current pandemic and the risk of coming in contact with the virus we at extend our services to you in so encouraging a safer shopping alternative during these troublesome times. 

Our Services Include:

Reward Bucks which are redeemable through Gift Cards. You can also request e-gift cards.

(Think of it as an Online Shopping Stimulus)

Contact Free Shopping

(If you choose not to go to your local retail store or if it is closed)

Exclusive Product Recommendations 

(Whats hot and whats not)

A Lifetime Subscription in which you can cancel at anytime. 


If you were not referred to this site by another member and did not receive an ISPC from them, Dont Worry, one is supplied here for you from Online Shoppers Union so that you can become a member.

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