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See how our company is putting together the efforts to make your shopping experiences contact free and cost effective.

How It Works

The Online Shoppers Union has created the steps to bring like minded shoppers together with their favorite or most beloved retailers by rewarding consumers with gifted shopping experiences. Love this part.

Our shoppers through the honor of our collective have enjoyed the benefits of what may feel like a shopping spree just because they invited others to come shop with them. The more the merrier to put it simply.

Step One- Sign Up for Membership

- Sign Up using an ISPC that was given you. If you were not given one, there is one available at the ABOUT PAGE. This will give you access to our Plans and Pricing Page.

Step Two- Purchase Your Subscription

- Purchase a subscription opening the portals to our gift card shop and subscriber support.

-With every member that becomes a subscriber this qualifies the referral and the referring shopper receives 100 reward bucks towards gift cards  that is available through our portals as a subscriber. We suggest saving rewards up and redeeming later.

Step Three- Suggest Shopping Through Online Shoppers Union

- After purchasing your subscription and receiving your personal ISPC, Reach out to others who can enjoy the shopping experience by giving them your ISPC and referring them to our site. This is how your referrals are tracked. A qualifying referral is someone who subscribes at our Plans and Pricing Page. If you like shopping for free or less than pennies on the dollar, this is the site you want to join... its better than coupons I can promise you that; because your what you buy is not limited to one product or discount... you buy what you like with your reward bucks.


Step Four- Redeem Your Rewards on Gift Cards or Take A Vacation

- You can check your Reward Bucks Balance anytime by sending an email from our Subscriber Support Page and request a PRC(Promo Redemption Code) that you use at the check out to purchase your gift cards. The PRC is entered at the Enter Promo Code Link at the checkout. All funding is provided by our cooperative venture investors for the lifetime of your Subscription. So be active and live the benefits, invite others to shop with you to shop more.  It only takes 7 days to process your referrals. This gift cards are not resale gift cards they are sent directly from the distributor. 

Become a subscriber, get referrals,

earn reward dollars, and shop at any of our participating retailers.